About Us

ALL RELATIVE INC. was founded in 2004 based on the idea of making auto dealerships more efficient, productive, and more profitable. Since 2004 we have helped over 10,000 dealers nationwide. Partnering with our customers closely to make sure they achieve their goals through process development, expense controls and contract management. Ensuring the best price, for the best product that can help our dealerships prosper in an industry that moves fast and changes faster.

ALL RELATIVE INC. is committed to total customer satisfaction. We strive for excellence in keeping our customers best interest at mind and making sure that the value they receive from us will make them customers for life.


Michael S. Lee

Michael entered the automotive industry as a service advisor in 1987 while attending University of South Carolina. Since his introduction into the car business, he has held positions within the automotive industry as Service Advisor, Service Manager, Operations Manager, Sales person, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, and General Manager part owner of a Lincoln Mercury franchise. Michael also worked as a Client Operations Analyst and sales person for ADP Dealer Services Division for 10 years, selling and training dealers on why CRM-Customer Relationship Management was so important to them, as it was a new concept in the automotive industry in the 1990s.


Jeffrey J. Askew

Jeff entered the automotive industry as an assistant controller in 1974 in New Mexico. Since his introduction into the car business he has held positions within the automotive industry as Assistant Controller, Controller, General Manager, and Chief Financial Officer over huge dealership organizations. Jeff joined ALL RELATIVE INC. in 2016 and we are happy to have his expertise in the automotive industry.