consists of an onsite evaluation of the department and then configuring a process to improve productivity and efficiency. Once the process has been established and agreed upon with dealership management. The process will be implemented and employees trained on all new policies, process, and procedures.


consists of a complete audit and analysis of products and services pertaining to DMS, Website, CRM, Digital Advertising, Phones, and Network expenses. This is a FREE service to dealerships and is in high demand and this is why. Consistent turnover of employees equates to unused products and services that have been signed for but not followed through with, utilization or management of those products and/or services fail due to knowledge of what they do or that you even have that product and/or service at all and you’re paying for it every month.


consist of an onsite evaluation of your dealership, personnel, and geographical lay out. A complete detailed Expense Analysis of the contracts we are negotiating will be completed to ensure the right product and/or services are included in any new contracts and the old products and/or services from old contracts are removed from any new contracts. ALL RELATIVE INC. has bench mark comparisons to make sure you get the right product at the right price with the right protections in detailed addendums to protect your investment.


we assist dealers with their conversions from their current DMS system to the new DMS of choice. No matter the DMS company you’ve decided to switch too. We help make sure all prep work is completed and ready for a smooth transition and minimize the obstacles you and your team will face. Our expertise of the automotive industry and the technology used in your day to day business will make your transition smooth and stress free.